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Jul. 24th, 2016




Nov. 25th, 2015

Thanksgiving Eve 2015

I missed a Thanksgiving. And now they are calling it Thanksgetting on the Best Buy ads. Bout time.

Nov. 28th, 2013

Thanksgiving Dream

Last night I dreamed I was in a rural school that was also a community center. Two of the employees were people I knew in high school, real straight arrow types, and both were missing limbs, but they were happy, centered, calm. They told me and my lady companion about the work of the center. Not very interesting.

I had a hard time looking at them and couldn't keep straight how many arms and legs either of them had left. Some big, bearded guy, someone in authority, leaned in on my lady companion and said something aggressive. Instead of beating him down, I stood up and said let's go look at the gym. I always like to look at a gym.

Cute girl in a short paisley dress led us down a long hallway. I hear a locker open and close. There were rows of crazy narrow pink lockers built into the tiled block walls. My lady companion had climbed into one, even though it was too small for her. I didn't move. After a few breaths she came out, crying, like a figured. Finally I got it out of her. She said the female amputee -- who was "so beautiful" -- was working as a lowly janitor in charge of a storage room. I was hoping someone was playing basketball in the gym, but it was a ladies exercise class. I really like to see someone playing basketball. Goes to show. You can't control your dreams.

Nov. 1st, 2012

Time to get back in the game

Whoa. Who's running against Obama? Romney? That can't be right. They're playing their mind games with me again. I got shoved into solitary a year ago ... more than a year ago... sheesh! ... after they caught me on this computer in the library. What happened to the Republican Party? Everybody give up? Mink pay em off? Dag.

May. 28th, 2011

Recruitment | Why Source Code is a military recruiting movie

The lessons of Source Code:

1. Soldiers are smarter and more moral than intellectuals.
2. Even though you are more loyal to the the military-corporate-industrial complex than you are to your family, you can still be noble in the end.
3. Soldier-to-soldier is the human bond that guarantees truth and justice.
4. If you are a woman in the military, you are fucked, but that's okay if you just take it without complaint because you are smarter and more moral than those who crap on you.
5. If you are a soldier, even with the bottom half of you blown off and wires running from your shaved pink scalp, you will still look good and get the girls.

COTPOTUS | The Cigarette of the President of the United States

On this Memorial Day Weekend, as we honor our war dead, and eat charred flesh in backyards across America, we give little thought to our sons and daughters living in fortified bases and/or under tarps overseas. On this weekend, let us say to our commander in chief, in the manner of the Hollywood warriors of yore:

Smoke em if you got em.

Shouldn't wartime president's smoke cigarettes? Isn't it the least they can do to take some health risk in solidarity with those they are afraid to bring home and out of harm's way?

Scene: Obama is in the middle of a speech. He stops and walks over to Joe Biden or maybe just a low-level staffer, possibly even an intern, and taps him lightly on the chest with the back of his hand. The President of the United States stands there with his head down until he is handed a cigarette. Back at the podium, he lights it, exhales and says, with renewed vigor: "Look, people. Here's what we're going to do," and then he goes on with his prepared speech, casually pointing his cigarette hand at the audience to emphasize certain points.

Curly bin Laden

My little boy Sammy
Shot down in Pakistani

Who sewed the button his coat?

Who made his eggs and hammy?

Way down in Pakistani.

Mar. 21st, 2011

|This is the day they tried to kill me

I'm breathing heavy. I'm sweating. Someone's got to break me out of here.

Nov. 5th, 2010

So close

One more clean cup and I can apply again for parole. I have to be careful what I say on this blog until then.

Jul. 18th, 2010

What the Fox? | Recommended reading

Our friends at the Brand brand Family of Brands walk you through some FFFFox talking points. You decide!

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